One of the core tenants of Alpha Epsilon Pi is the eternal bond that connects all members of the fraternity. From Rutgers University to around the world, AEPi's brotherhood stretches through generations and continents.

Professional Development

The main goal of undergraduate studies is to prepare you for your future. At AEPi, we pride ourselves on helping young members better position and prepare themselves to take on their future careers and goals.

Jewish Growth

Growing from its Jewish roots, Alpha Epsilon Pi continues to involve itself with the Jewish community. The Rho Upsilon chapter works closely with various Jewish organizations on campus to provide incredible opportunities for its members.


Who is AEPi ?

Alpha Epsilon Pi was founded to provide opportunities for the Jewish college man seeking the best possible college and fraternity experience. At the Rutgers AEPi chapter, we have maintained the integrity of our purpose by creating lifelong bonds between our members and strengthing ties with the Jewish community.

Our heritage stems from one source: young Jewish men banding together in allegiance. The role of Alpha Epsilon Pi has expanded since its inception in 1913. Initially, the Jewish fraternity served as a brotherhood of young men who came from similar religious backgrounds and who had experienced the same prejudices against their religious beliefs. Alpha Epsilon Pi has since broadened its role to serve as a primer organization on many campuses to enhance a student's college experience. 

Today, Jewish students seek out Alpha Epsilon Pi because it is a Jewish Fraternity. In the fraternity’s 100+ year history, over 100,00 men have worn the badge of Alpha Epsilon Pi. This number continues to grow each year as prospective new members in universities across America rush AEPi with the hope of joining a brotherhood devoted to the values that built this fraternity. 


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"Rush" is a period of time at the beginning of each semester when potential new members come out and meet brothers of fraternities. This time is meant for new members to explore different fraternities and decide on which organization they would be interested in joining. If you are curious about rushing Rutgers AEPi or have any other questions regarding rush please visit our New Member page.




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